Kino School - This sign, over the school entrance, was forged by Kino Students during the 1999-2000 school year from scrap metal.
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Feb. 21, 2004 Silent Auction Preview
A leader in progressive education since 1975.

"I was fascinated by this thing: 'homeroom.' There it was, a chance to interact and socialize with other people. You don't get that feature in public schools. Having the freedom of walking around without pressure was amazing. I enjoy having to rely on myself to have an excellent education."
-- Ernest Espinoza, Kino class of 2002, from his Looking Back essay.

What we offer includes:

- An extremely low student/teacher ratio (roughly 6:1) and small-size classes.

- A safe and friendly environment with an emphasis on community.

- A roughly 1:7 computer/student ratio, with both Mac and PCs, so there is rarely an instance when students have to wait. Technical accessories include scanners, digital cameras, and editing equipment.

- Spanish language classes available to all ages and all levels, beginning with Early Childhood. French is offered to some ages as well, and Latin is available by request. Japanese available on campus with independent teacher.

- Full art area available to students of all ages all day, except during the lunch hour.

- Photography darkroom, pottery kiln, full metal & wood shop areas, including forge and welding, and a Video/Media-editing area.

- Numerous field trips weekly (see our Trips page)

- A well-stocked library with quiet reading areas.

- Weekly newsletter, written by students, sent home with students to keep you informed of what's going on in the Kino community.

- Basketball court and playground, and perhaps the first-ever sand soccer ("beach soccer") field built in Tucson.

- 10 acre natural desert campus.

- Animal Center with pigmy goats, chickens, doves and pigeons.

- Students are given a lot of opportunities to go outside and enjoy fresh air and play.

- and more!

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KINO SCHOOL, a nonprofit, independent progressive school
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