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Antigone Books
Antigone BooksGift Certificate
411 North 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Tel: 520-792-3715

Value $20
Located in Tucson's unique Fourth Avenue shopping district, Antigone Books is a zany bookstore with a feminist slant. Come browse our large selection of books, laugh at our bumper stickers, find that perfect gift, or enjoy our store events.
Arizona is home to a wealth of exciting and talented authors! We carry a large selection of books by local authors on subjects ranging from southwestern gardening and health to children's books and fiction.
We have 3 book groups that meet on Sundays at 2:00. We give a 10% discount on all book group books for the month prior to the discussion. To get the discount you need to purchase your book in the store, order by email or by phone.

Arizona Highways Books
Flying FreeTwo scenic books and 2004 calendar

Value $50
A collection from the Arizona Highways publishers

Arizona Highways Classic 2004 Calendar

Arizona Pathways: Trails of History by Robert H. Miller, Floyd Cooper (Illustrator)
Out of Print

Arizona: The Beauty of It All
by Sam Negri, Arizona Highways Contributors

If you had to choose just one affordably-priced book to be representative of Arizona's natural beauty, in all its variety and splendor, this would be it.

First, there are the photographs: more than 65 of them, by the most respected professionals in the field. Arizona Highways contributors from around the state supplied full-color images that vividly display the harmony of color and form, rich textures and vast spaces of Arizona's deserts, mountains, plateaus, grasslands and riparian niches. The immense, sculpted layers of the Grand Canyon, cool pools of water in the midst of searing desert, green "sky island" mountains thrusting upward from basin floors and monumental rock formations - all contribute to the sometimes subtle and sometimes overwhelming beauty of Arizona.

Then there's the descriptive text. Journalist and veteran outdoorsman Sam Negri draws from a deep well of experience to characterize the landscape, relating it to the state's history and folklore. In six chapters, he explores the deep forests and sculpted plateaus of the Arizona Strip, the color and texture of Indian Country, the vast ribbon of trees and water that make up the mountains, the unexpected exotic appeal of Western Arizona, the diversity of life and forms of the Southwestern Desert and the Southeastern Desert's land of contrast.

First published in 1996 and now available in its third printing, the book's impressive cover and the quality of its design assure that it will remain a literary ambassador welcomed by those wanting to stay in touch with this interesting corner of the world.

Two $25 Gift Certificates
1920 E. Grant Road,
3733 W. Ina Road,
6230 E. Speedway Blvd.

Value $50
Talk about a Tucson institution! Bookman's offers a huge selection, including books, music, magazines, software, video and more in stores as big as warehouses but appointed like funky nightclubs. This year, a third location on East Speedway was added, and we can't say enough about its music-listening stations, a way-cool fountain, countless stacks among which you can lose yourself and tricked-out bathrooms that should be featured on MTV's Cribs. --Tucson Weekly

Casa Video
Antigone Books14 Movies
2905 E. Speedway
Tucson, AZ 85716

In 1983, two people who loved movies, Raymond and Gala Mellenberndt, and who were raised with movies, decided to create a store with not just mainstream titles, but classics, foreign movies, documentaries, cult movies, and experimental movies.
Casa Video went out of its way to become unique. In the beginning, it was about the same size as the neighborhood candy store. There were no other stores like it in Tucson. The original location on Grant and Campbell was a universe different from any other video store in the an old book- store, it resembled a cave where someone could discover hidden treasures found nowhere else.
Then came Blockbuster...then came Hollywood... then came all other McVideos. Most other mom and pop video stores went out of business. Casa Video grew and grew.
Casa Video is now an 8,000 square foot store located at 2905 East Speedway Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716. It has two floors, housing more than 40,000 video rentals...DVD' books...and video games.
It has the largest selection of foreign movies, classics, documentaries, independent movies, and hard-to-find movies in the entire state of Arizona.

Kid's Center Children's Books
Flying FreeThree out-of-print books for young readers
1725 N. Swan Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712
520 322-KIDS (5437)

Three stories from American history to excite and educate. All are out of print, so they are rare finds.

Flying Free: Corey's Underground Railroad Diary, Book Two (My America) by Sharon Dennis Wyeth
In 1858, nine-year-old Corey Birdsong and his family flee Kentucky and their lives as slaves. With the aid of the Underground Railroad, the Birdsongs arrive in Amherstburg, Canada. There, an entire community of people of color welcomes them and helps the family build new lives in freedom. Children need not be familiar with book one of Corey's diary, Freedom's Wings (2001), to take up this continuation. Through Corey's entries and the informative notes, children find out about African Canadians, like those in Corey's new home, who owned land and businesses, had their own churches and schools, and eagerly helped newcomers like the Birdsongs get on their feet. In the course of his diary, Corey escapes a slave catcher and helps a friend steal away from Kentucky to freedom--episodes that add excitement as well as historic relevancy. A solid addition to the My America series. - Ellen Mandel

Reflections of a Black Cowboy, Book Three - Pioneers by Robert H. Miller, Floyd Cooper (Illustrator)
The third in Miller's ``Reflections of a Black Cowboy'' series introduces such nearly-forgotten figures as York, a slave who guided the Lewis and Clark expedition; Pony Express rider George Monroe; Ed Rose, known as ``Cut-Nose'' after Mike Fink bit off that appendage in an epic battle; and Biddy Mason, who spent most of her life as a slave but ended up as a wealthy citizen of Los Angeles. In the persona of an old black hermit up in the hills talking to his dog, the author tells his tales informally, basing them on published accounts (there's a solid bibliography) but supplying his own dialogue and detail. Linoleum prints effectively dramatize the high spots. - Kirkus Reviews

Reflections of a Black Cowboy, Book Four - Mountain Men by Robert H. Miller, Floyd Cooper
(no review found)

Live the Myth!, by Vincent A. Lazara
Live the Mythautographed copy

"Live the Myth!" is an engaging, easy to read, yet challenging book. It is suitable for individuals to absorb to gain wisdom from the application of metaphors, but is particularly applicable for group study in a classroom setting. The book is appropriate for those who know nothing about myths as it provides the reader with background on the role of myths in the first 2 chapters and the appendices provide sufficient reference information to help the novice mythologist. Those 2 chapters and the appendices also provides the readers with a strong background in mythology a brief review and introduction to the rest of the treatise. The organization of the chapters in which each presents a discourse on one of the 16 myths provides the reader with activities and discussion questions to lead the reader into practical application of the metaphors of each myth to everyday life. I highly recommend this book. - Jack Tirrell, Practitioner Faculty Member, University of Phoenix

The Loft Cinema
The Loft Cinema9 movie passes
3233 E. Speedway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Tel: (520) 795-7777

Value $68
It's easy to take the Loft for granted. It's been around for decades. It's been in business longer than any other movie theater operating in Tucson.

The Loft is an art house, specializing in foreign, independent, and alternative films. It is independently owned, rare in a time when even art theatres are owned by commercial chains.

The Tucson Cinema Foundation, which took over ownership and operations of the Loft on November 15, 2002, is a nonprofit organization. Our nonprofit status enable us to continue to showcase independent films like Kandahar, Pollock, Before Night Falls, documentaries like Shanghai Ghetto and Spellbound and locally produced films. It also enables us to expand operations to serve our community at large. We offer educational programs with local and invited scholars, creative and critical personnel from the international film community. We sponsor workshops, showcase regional filmmakers, screen Spanish language films, and present a monthly series for children, "Reel Journeys," and a monthly series of classic films, "The Cinematheque." Members have an opportunity to attend special screenings and enjoy other exciting benefits including reduced ticket prices.

Reader's Oasis
Readers OasisGift Certificate
3400 E. Speedway Blvd. #114
Tucson, AZ 85716
Tel: (520) 319-7887

Value $20
Welcome to Reader's Oasis! We now carry a selection of used titles in addition to our new book inventory. As you browse the store, you'll notice a number of books with yellow dots on their spines - this indicates that the title is used, with the used price clearly indicated on the back cover. Accordingly, we are also taking your quality used books in trade. Trading used for new? Crazy, you say? Maybe, but when you think about it, why not? It may sound too good to be true, but yes indeed, it is very true. Come in and see us for more details!

Reader's Oasis hosts a wide variety of literature events, giving book-lovers a chance to meet writers both known and soon-to-be-discovered.

Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
Tucson LifestyleThree year subscription
7000 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85715

For more than two decades, Tucson Lifestyle magazine has been a distinguished part of Tucson's history. Each month, a full-color issue arrives in 34,000 homes, professional offices, newsstands and resort guestrooms.
It is the magazine's mission to showcase the very best of the community. Its regular departments focus on interesting people, fine dining and local events. Feature articles - ranging from homes and gardens to arts and entertainment to business and history to fashion and fitness - zero in on the postive aspects of our city.



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