This Kino logo is a sign that was designed and welded up out of scrap metal by Kino students and is on the school roof

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Feb. 21, 2004 Silent Auction Preview

A leader in progressive education since 1975.

Private school in Tucson, Arizona
"[T]he power of Kino is in the human relationships that develop in a small community that stresses freedom and respect for each and every person."

At Kino School, we give students of all ages the foundation to be the self-motivated, positive, and creative human beings they are.

A school without grades or tests? Then how prepared are Kino kids when they go to college???

"When I got to college, I found I was definitely better prepared than many of my classmates. At Kino, I had learned to take responsibility for myself and manage my time. I was comfortable talking to my professors and asking for help when I needed it."
Blair Carswell, Class of 96 (Blair was a Kino student for 12 years, from the time he was 6. He graduated from Bates College in May, 2000.)

Nationally recognized for its innovative and progressive education, Kino has pioneered many of the teaching strategies promoted by education professionals, including student responsibility and choice, hands-on learning, multi-age groupings, interdisciplinary projects, flexibility in scheduling, cross-curricular teaching, and a recognition that there are a wide variety of learning styles. Enrollment is usually around one hundred students, ranging from three-year-olds through high school. With a faculty of approximately 15 teachers, we have one of the lowest student-teacher ratios around, which means students can receive a lot of the individualized attention needed to help them pursue their interests.

Young scientists filled with interest
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KINO SCHOOL, a nonprofit, independent progressive school
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